FNS Artisans

Our #EverydayHeroes work with parents, empowering them to generate more income so they can provide for their children. Because all parents should feel proud to give their children equal opportunities.

Our Home Based Production program allows parents who would otherwise be unable to gain paid employment in the short-term (for example, due to illness, having young children at home, etc.) to earn an income whilst remaining in the home. HBP is a temporary solution for families facing financial difficulties. The longer term strategy for producers is job placement, further vocational training, or small business set-up. In addition to the technical training, caretakers also receive training in a variety of life skills (for example, hygiene, nutrition, child rights, HIV, reproductive health, etc.). All producers and their families are frequently followed-up to ensure family stability.

The majority of producers are mothers who have been unable to access employment, either because they have young children without care facilities available, a low level of education and skills or because their physical and emotional conditions prevent them from engaging in formal employment.

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