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Purchase of Products

FAQ 1. Why is this not yet an online shop where I can buy products?

We are currently still working on making our products available for online retail purchase! However, you can still buy our products (see FAQ 2). 

FAQ 2. How can I buy the products?

You can buy our products by filling out this form. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team directly at contact@friendsnstuff.org.

FAQ 3. Where else can I buy Friends ’n’ Stuff products? Don't you have a shop?

If you are travelling through or residing in Cambodia, Thailand or Laos, drop by any one of our many Friends 'n' Stuff locations and pick up some products! A limited selection of our products is also available at our external consignment partners - contact our sales team at contact@friendsnstuff.org to find out more! 


Home-based Production

FAQ 4. Who are the beneficiaries of Friends 'n' Stuff?

Our products are made by the parents and the caretakers of the children or youth we support. Friends trains these parents to make handcrafted products from recycled materials (paper, rubber, fabric…) either at home or in one of Friends' production centers. The products are then sold in one of our Friends ’n’ Stuff shops or resellers generating income for parents allowing them to let their children go to school or study.

After their training, Friends also supports parents to find employment or to become economically independent  by assisting them in setting up and managing their own micro-enterprise, often based on skills they have previously learned in our home-based production.

FAQ 5. Do you pay fair wages to your producers?

We make sure that all our producers receive a salary to support their family and allow their children to go to school or to get trained. Every week, we buy the products they have made during their training, then, sell them in the Friends 'n' Stuff shops or to re-sellers. All profits from these sales then get reinvested into supporting our social programs. However, the real objective of our training is to help people to become productive members of society, and based on the skills we have taught them to build a better future for themselves and their family.

FAQ 6. Where do your materials come from?

Our team hand selects unused fabric from local factories to create each unique item. Due to this eco-friendly approach, fabric composition and color may vary: cotton might be organic one time but not organic the next time. However, we make sure to select the best quality available on the market. We also use a lot of recycled material such as tire tubes, newspapers, magazines…etc.

FAQ 7. Are your products fair trade certified?

We don’t have any specific certification. Most of the families who make the products are not producers but trainees which means they stay with us for a limited period of time, the objective for them being to get skills and become independent from Friends. However, we make sure that they earn an income during their training so that they can support their children.


Shipping & Delivery

FAQ 8. Who pays for shipping costs when I order?

The shipping costs are paid by the customer. Our sales team is used to dealing with shipping companies and can negotiate the best deal for you! He will be able to give you an estimation of the cost as soon as you fill out the request form.


About Friends-International & Friends 'n' Stuff

FAQ 9. Who is Friends-International? And what does Friends 'n' Stuff do?

Friends-International supports at-risk children and youths in becoming productive citizens of society by providing them with education and vocational training. However, as these children and youths usually play a crucial role in contributing to household income, their parents are often reluctant in allowing them to go to school. To alleviate this situation, we came up with a solution: Friends 'n' Stuff. 

Friends ‘n’ Stuff is a social business run by Friends International that creates an avenue for parents to generate some income while their children go to school. These parents become part of our home-based production team where they are equipped with basic skills needed to create the products you see at our stores! While this provides a short-term solution for these families, we ensure the long-term sustainability of our impact by following up and providing support on a case-by-case basis. 

Learn more about Friends-International through our website!

FAQ 10. How much of your profit goes to the beneficiaries?

100% of the profit goes to our beneficiaries. Products are bought from the families in training and profits from the shops or wholesale businesses are reinvested for further development of our social programs.

FAQ 11. Does Friends International have other social businesses apart from Friends 'n Stuff?

Yes we do! We have several award-winning training restaurants that you should definitely visit if you are traveling or residing in Southeast Asia! You can find information about and the locations of our restaurants here.

We also have other vocational training businesses such as Beauty Salons (the Friends Nail Bar and Phka Kravan), Moto Repair Shops, Sewing Shops, and an Electricity Workshop where youth can get hands-on practical experience during their training, allowing them to get a job quickly. By supporting these also, you are helping these young people to build their futures!

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