The Story of Buddha Poster (A2)

The Story of Buddha Poster (A2)


Comprised of paintings by young and talented artists in our programs, this collection is a reflection of their creative minds. Through interviews, we found that these artworks represent a myriad of different hopes and dreams held by the children, all of which are marked by a common wish for a stable and happy future. The meanings behind each of the artworks are explored in greater detail in Art 15.

These beautiful artworks are made available on posters, postcards and bookmarks. The original paintings, however, are not for sale as we think it is their creation to enjoy! 

Material: Paper
Size: 42.0 x 59.4cm
Weight: 58 g
Product Code: CI01003


The stated price is for retail purchases. For wholesale requests and volume discounts, our sales officer will review the order and respond with a custom quote.

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