Davido Zipper Case (Blue)
Davido Zipper Case (Blue)

Davido Zipper Case (Blue)


We asked 8 artists in 3 different countries 1 question: "What is your message for future generations?"

Davidoa student passionate about architecture, is known for integrating a cubist, geometric approach to depict living creatures. With his elephant design, Davido seeks to promote wildlife conservation and awareness for one of Cambodia's most endangered animals. 

Material: Canvas
Size: 21x17.5 cm
Weight: 70g
Color: Black & Blue
Product Code: CMG2602U12


The stated prices are for retail purchases. Our sales officer will review your order and respond with a custom quote in case your ordered quantity qualifies for a volume based discount. Our sourcing team hand-selects unused fabric from local factories to create each unique t-shirt. Due to this eco-friendly approach, fabric color may vary slightly

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