Pocket Foldaway Bag
Pocket Foldaway Bag

Pocket Foldaway Bag


These pocket foldaway bags use recycled fabric to create the perfect on-the-go shopping bag.

Material: Raincoat
Size: 43x38cm
Attach key ring: 13x12cm
Weight: 60g
Color: Red
Product Code: CBAL2000U24
Price: $12.00

Our sourcing team hand-selects end-of-roll and leftover fabric from Cambodia’s garment industry. Due to this eco-friendly approach, fabric color will vary for each production. If you would like to order a specific color, please make a note in the order form.

The stated prices are for retail purchases. Our sales officer will review your order and respond with a custom quote in case your ordered quantity qualifies for a volume based discount.


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