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Meet San, our Production Manager!

I’m San, I come from Siem Reap province and I have three children. For six years I’ve been Production Manager for Friends ‘N’ Stuff. When I was 17, I moved to Phnom Penh and went to an NGO sewing school. After some work experience, I went back there and worked my way up from sewing teacher to workshop manager. When the opportunity arose, I came to Friends! As Production Manager, I take care of our producers, train new sewing skills, maintain quality control, manage our time and handle admin. In my free time, I sew clothes for my children. I enjoy creating unique outfits and also matching outfits between them and me! I love my job because I feel happy...

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Small World Small Band: Our New Brand Ambassadors

  Friends ‘n’ Stuff is ❤️ thrilled ❤️ to officially announce Smallworld Smallband ក្រុមតូច as our first brand ambassadors! As one of the first ethical lifestyle brands in Cambodia, Friends ‘n’ Stuff is committed to being a champion for Cambodian design and production. We asked to work with Smallworld Smallband ក្រុមតូច because they’re also changing the local artistic landscape with their commitment to original music that connects to young audiences around the world. Between finishing their U.S. tour and putting the final touches on their new album, the band managed to stop by our Futures Factory for our first collaboration: we brought the clothes, and they brought the music. Stay tuned to see as we work with the most exciting...

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Meet Mr. Sam Art, our Skills Trainer!

Friends 'n' Stuff champions transparency in the production and supply chain. Let's put a face to the fashion and meet Mr. Sam Art, our lead skills trainer! Could you please introduce yourself? My name is Mr. Sam Art. I have been working at Mith Samlanh* for almost 10 years as a skills trainer. *Mith Samlanh is the local name of the NGO that powers Friends 'n' Stuff. Describe what you do on an average day. In the morning I focus on training the [home-based] parents how to make the Friends ‘n’ Stuff products. I also make samples for the product development team, so I work with the designer’s dimensions from the paper drawings and give feedback. Sometimes I will suggest different...

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