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Plastic Free July was an amazing movement that included millions participants worldwide, including us at Friends ‘N’ Stuff. From our sourcing methods to our use of upcycled materials, we’re deeply committed to encouraging people to become more aware of their plastic use and creating a cleaner, greener world for generations to come!

As we say goodbye to July, we wanted to highlight a few ways to stay #plasticfree in the months to come!


​​Our exciting, long-lasting bamboo straws are a great substitute for plastic straws. These bamboo straws are 100% natural and sourced locally in Siem Reap. Each straw is good for up to 30 uses and will biodegrade naturally when thrown away – this greatly reduces your environmental footprint, as millions of plastic straws are thrown away every day!

These straws come in a beautiful drawstring bag made of end-of-roll fabric left over from the garment industry, which is perfect for when you’re on the move. Shaking it up with a cocktail on the weekend? No problem - your straw is super light to carry and doesn’t affect the taste of your preferred beverage!

Cleaning the straw is super easy. After each use, clean them in warm, soapy water, and every couple of weeks we recommend boiling for a few minutes in a water and vinegar solution. Don’t forget to let dry completely!


Did you know that in 2017, Kenya enacted the world’s strictest laws against plastic bags by banned the use, sale, or production of those items? While plastic are still a major part of daily life in Cambodia, more and more stores have started to charge for bags - small but encouraging steps!








Investing in a reusable tote is a great way to reduce your plastic footprint. Keeping in theme with our roots in Southeast Asia, Friends ‘N’ Stuff has created a reusable, foldaway elephant tote. Cute, ethical and #plasticfree, this tote can be stored in your car, bag, or left by the door to grab while on your way out.

We feel passionate about continuing people to get in to the habit of reusing their bags whenever, wherever.

The quirky twist is that this bag has a built in pocket so can be neatly folded down after each use, creating a cute elephant keychain. Name your new friend as you like, but remember he’s 100% unique, as each of our designs are made from end-of-roll fabric that’s sourced from local markets here in Cambodia!


It’s not just Friends ‘N’ Stuff that is changing; our TREE Alliance vocational training restaurants in Phnom Penh are also (literally) going green.

At Friends the Restaurant and Romdeng restaurant, we have an awesome takeaway solution that is Instagram-worthy: instead of styrofoam or paper takeaway containers, they’ve switched to using banana leaves! Goodbye, one-time use plastic! And don’t worry - the leaves are strong enough to prevent your creepy crawly tarantula from sliding out!


Fancy joining the plastic free movement and purchasing some of our super cool designs? Come and visit us at one of our stores located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.


To find out how to become involved with PFC and reduce your plastic waste visit



Source image: Phnom Penh Post


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