Meet Vamva, our Wholesale Coordinator!

I’m Vamva, I am a Phnom Penh native and mother of two children. I’ve been working at Friends ‘N’ Stuff now for two years as Wholesale Coordinator. I keep in touch with our clients around the world who want to buy our products or have us produce their own unique designs.

I studied sales and marketing at an NGO in Phnom Penh, so I was happy with the opportunity to work at Friends to support others who have similar backgrounds as me. It makes me feel proud. I’m definitely more motivated to sell as well, as all our products are made from recycled, reused or upcycled materials by mothers and fathers who earn fair income to provide for their families!

In my free time, I look after my children, make funny TikTok videos and also self-study subjects like Chinese and screen printing. I also reflect on my future… It’s funny because no one I grew up with could have predicted I would be working at a big organization, helping others, communicating everyday with people around the world. Really shows how much you can change your life!

My dream now is to own a big pig farm and live surrounded by nature - I can run a business and have valuable family time all at once! I didn’t grow up well supported so I want to make sure my children get the best education and environment to grow up in. I hope they will experience studying abroad and later fulfil all their dreams!

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