Meet San, our Production Manager!

I’m San, I come from Siem Reap province and I have three children. For six years I’ve been Production Manager for Friends ‘N’ Stuff.

When I was 17, I moved to Phnom Penh and went to an NGO sewing school. After some work experience, I went back there and worked my way up from sewing teacher to workshop manager. When the opportunity arose, I came to Friends!

As Production Manager, I take care of our producers, train new sewing skills, maintain quality control, manage our time and handle admin. In my free time, I sew clothes for my children. I enjoy creating unique outfits and also matching outfits between them and me!

I love my job because I feel happy helping other women. You can also learn a lot about foreigners by working with them and discussing product ideas with international customers!

A lot of people tell me they want to learn to sew - it’s more challenging than it looks. It takes a lot of patience and determination to learn! Many young people want to learn because they like the idea of creating outfits for themselves, but I realized the only ones who continue are those with a big vision, like they want to start a tailor shop or fashion business.

My ultimate dream is to open my own workshop at my home, to train fellow women in my community with sewing skills so they can gain confidence and provide for their families.

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