Meet Lida, our Skills Trainer!

Hi, I’m Lida. 9 years ago, my aunt was working at Friends and told me to apply. At first I worked as a nanny, and now I am a Skills Trainer for our home-based production team!

Before Friends, I went around the city buying cheap produce and distributing it all from my motorbike to casinos and hotels.

And now? Me training others in skills? It’s been a big change and I’ve learned many new things and improved myself.

I train our home-based producers, place orders, follow up, control quality and create new samples for approval before training. Our paper bead, Steel & Clay and thread wrap jewelry collections for example are all made by home-based producers!

Home-based producers receive orders and make products at home so they can take care of their family while learning valuable skills and earning salaries at the same time. I travel often to follow up with them, and I’m so proud to witness their confidence and happiness grow. They can send their children to school, have enough food to eat, and some have built new homes.

Back when I was a nanny, I met my husband, who was Friends ‘N’ Stuff Production Manager at the time. We married in 2014 and he started his own business making products from tires. I know I have all the skills to join him, but my dream is to be independent and have my own business soon, related to beauty and make up!

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