Meet Kimnan, our Producer!

I’m Kimnan and I come from Phnom Penh. I have six children. I have been working at Friends ‘N’ Stuff for 11 years now, five years as a home-based producer and six years as a producer.

I used to work in a factory, sewing zippers on police pants. Then I ran into some personal problems, and that’s when my neighbor introduced me to Friends. He was a ChildSafe moto taxi driver, and he told me they could help me and help educate my children too. Eventually, a case manager came to visit me. All my children have studied at Friends!

The first products I ever made as a home-based producer were newspaper cross body bags and bags made of rice sacks. As I gained further experience, I was recruited to come work as a producer. What I like about working here is the environment, nice colleagues and management. It’s nothing like a factory where there are strict working hours, big cold space full of machinery, and violent language.

Soon, I will buy land with lots of trees, build a house and start my own farm with lots of chickens, pigs, ducks and cows. I want to learn how to do this soon. Most of my children are grown up now, but I will take my toddler and raise her in nature and spend more time with her. I want to relax, listen to music and sew my children’s clothes for fun!

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