Meet Dina, our Producer!

My name is Dina, I’m from Prey Veng province and I have two children. I’ve been working at Friends 'N' Stuff for the past 6 years. Before that, I worked in a factory, where I sewed the same parts of a product, over and over again.

My neighbor told me about Friends. I wanted to improve my skills and also realized I could produce different kinds of products by myself here, very different from working in a factory.

Here, we find ways to use all parts of materials, and this motivates my creativity. We can also improve and gain valuable skills for the future here as we produce a variety of products on our own.

Something exciting happened to me recently. A colleague was leaving and I wanted to give her a gift. I thought about who she was, her character, her tastes, and I experimented and eventually created a tote bag. I received such a positive response from our team which surprised me and made me so happy. Before, people didn’t support my ideas and it lowered my confidence. Now I feel confident to try new things and create more. After working further with our team, the bag I designed is now being sold in our shops. They named it after me, the Dina Tote Bag!

My dream is to eventually become a business owner. I want to open a tailor shop and also a nail bar, so I can have comfortable finances to provide for my family. I just want to make sure my children can grow up to achieve anything they want to

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