Meet Chantha, our Sales Associate!

Hi, I’m Chantha, I’m from Kandal province. I've been working at Friends since 2004!

After high school, I couldn’t afford to continue my studies so I tried many jobs just to have food to eat and a place to sleep. Then, I started working in the evenings promoting an English school - if I convinced parents to enroll their children, I would get commission.

One day, my colleague was at Café du Centre (a project run by Friends back then) and saw a job advertisement. He encouraged me to apply, and that’s how I started my journey at Friends.

After recovering from some health issues, Friends asked if I wanted to come back to work at Friends ‘N’ Stuff. I said yes of course! Over the years, I’ve worked in every shop, including our former “Touch Touch” at Russian market. I now work at our shop in Romdeng restaurant!

It is important to live life with heart and I’m happily still working here because I love to help. You can’t always directly help others, but you can do your part. Since I love talking to people, my contribution is to share our story and information about our products. But you may also find me running around Romdeng helping the restaurant team. I help however I can, and am still able to provide for my own family and plan my future. That’s the dream!

Working here has given me many opportunities to learn from those who shop with us, colleagues, managers and also external trainings. I recently opened a café together with my sister and my experiences have become very valuable in building our business! 

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