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Meet Vamva, our Wholesale Coordinator!

I’m Vamva, I am a Phnom Penh native and mother of two children. I’ve been working at Friends ‘N’ Stuff now for two years as Wholesale Coordinator. I keep in touch with our clients around the world who want to buy our products or have us produce their own unique designs. I studied sales and marketing at an NGO in Phnom Penh, so I was happy with the opportunity to work at Friends to support others who have similar backgrounds as me. It makes me feel proud. I’m definitely more motivated to sell as well, as all our products are made from recycled, reused or upcycled materials by mothers and fathers who earn fair income to provide for their families!...

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Meet Kimnan, our Producer!

I’m Kimnan and I come from Phnom Penh. I have six children. I have been working at Friends ‘N’ Stuff for 11 years now, five years as a home-based producer and six years as a producer. I used to work in a factory, sewing zippers on police pants. Then I ran into some personal problems, and that’s when my neighbor introduced me to Friends. He was a ChildSafe moto taxi driver, and he told me they could help me and help educate my children too. Eventually, a case manager came to visit me. All my children have studied at Friends! The first products I ever made as a home-based producer were newspaper cross body bags and bags made of rice...

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Meet Lida, our Skills Trainer!

Hi, I’m Lida. 9 years ago, my aunt was working at Friends and told me to apply. At first I worked as a nanny, and now I am a Skills Trainer for our home-based production team! Before Friends, I went around the city buying cheap produce and distributing it all from my motorbike to casinos and hotels. And now? Me training others in skills? It’s been a big change and I’ve learned many new things and improved myself. I train our home-based producers, place orders, follow up, control quality and create new samples for approval before training. Our paper bead, Steel & Clay and thread wrap jewelry collections for example are all made by home-based producers! Home-based producers receive orders...

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Meet Dina, our Producer!

My name is Dina, I’m from Prey Veng province and I have two children. I’ve been working at Friends 'N' Stuff for the past 6 years. Before that, I worked in a factory, where I sewed the same parts of a product, over and over again. My neighbor told me about Friends. I wanted to improve my skills and also realized I could produce different kinds of products by myself here, very different from working in a factory. Here, we find ways to use all parts of materials, and this motivates my creativity. We can also improve and gain valuable skills for the future here as we produce a variety of products on our own. Something exciting happened to me...

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Meet Chantha, our Sales Associate!

Hi, I’m Chantha, I’m from Kandal province. I've been working at Friends since 2004! After high school, I couldn’t afford to continue my studies so I tried many jobs just to have food to eat and a place to sleep. Then, I started working in the evenings promoting an English school - if I convinced parents to enroll their children, I would get commission. One day, my colleague was at Café du Centre (a project run by Friends back then) and saw a job advertisement. He encouraged me to apply, and that’s how I started my journey at Friends. After recovering from some health issues, Friends asked if I wanted to come back to work at Friends ‘N’ Stuff. I...

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